Wednesday, January 19, 2022


It is 3*C this morning sun trying desperately to shine and the roads are clear, so decided to take a walk through the subdivision.   The sidewalks are snow packed therefore did not use them, stayed on the streets, there is very little traffic, just local residents using them.  

Very little happening around here today, Hubby got  a positive report from his Dr's telephone call, an appointment made for next year at this time.  

All the machine binding is sewn on the quilt I am currently working on, all that  is needed now is to turn it to the back side and hand sew it down.  Just in time for our virtual show and tell next week.   One member of our group posted a "stash buster" pattern which I am thinking of doing, havens knows I have enough in my stash to complete it.   It is an easy pattern to do so it should make up fairly quickly.   If that is the case, my try to do two, one with a scrappy look and the other using the same colours throughout.  Don't have any idea who they would be for, maybe just make up several quilts during the year and get family members to choose one for their Christmas gift.  If that is the idea I am going with, better get my rear in gear as there are a lot of family members.   Better think this idea over again.

Took some turkey out of the freezer this morning, so need to decided what to do with it for our dinner tonight.  


  1. It's great that you have so many good ideas and the time and materials to achieve them. Your family are very fortunate to have such an accomplished quilter in the family.

  2. Starting now for Christmas is a brilliant idea. I should consider doing the same. Last January I bought Christmas presents for my brothers and sisters in law and felt very organised. Then one of my sisters in law contracted Covid and we still haven't caught up for Christmas!

  3. Your hubby is a new diabetic and he doesn't have to see a doctor for an entire year?! Oh my word... ! Enjoy your wonderful winter walks. Always so special! ~Andrea xoxo

    1. His appointment yesterday was not for his diabetes, but for his bone density test he had a couple of weeks ago.



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