Thursday, January 20, 2022

Stiff, thank goodness not me.

 Again....a memory.   As I have mentioned before, when we came to Canada we had never experienced the bitter cold Winters in England. that we have here.  But we survived, and all the daily and weekly chores were still taken care of, even laundry on Monday.  My Mother followed the ritual of doing certain jobs on a particular day.   In the house we lived in there was no hot water heater, so all the wash water needed to be heated on the stove, a long process to say the least.  When that was done the laundry was hand washed.   I learned a lot about hand washing clothes during those years.   The whites were done first, and after the washing and rinsing, my sister and I would each take an end of the sheets and twist in the opposite direction to each other, squeezing out the water.  All the other clothes were washed in order depending on colour and how dirty they were.  As my Dad was a farmer all of his clothes were washed last, for obvious reasons.  We had no dryer, and a few areas where some clothes could be hung inside the house, those work pants along with other clothes were regulated to the outside clothes line.    Hanging cold, wet and heavy pants outside when the temp is below zero, is far from a fun job.  After being outside all day, and not drying much, the pants were brought in the house for the night.   They were stiff, frozen solid, Mum would stand them on a rug in the corner.  It looked quite strange to see a pair of pants standing stiff and slowing collapsing into a wet heap on the floor as they thawed.  If not dry in the morning they were out on the line again, hoping they would dry, if not the process was repeated until they were.   The cold weather reminded me of the harsh days we had on laundry day many years ago and those stiff pants.   I am so thankful for my hot water heater, washing machine and clothes dryer.   

Spring cleaned the linen closet today, I do believe I have OCD as I had to take everything out, refold and some even got an iron over them,  and put it all back in, in neat piles with all the folds in one direction.   I am a sad case.  Hubby opened the door and remarked on how beautiful it looked.  LOL.  A couple of things were regulated to the rag bag, not even fit for the charity shop.

At lunch today Hubby chipped one of his front teeth and was able to get in within half an hour at the dentist to have it fixed

It is cold today, sun trying desperately to shine once in awhile, not having a lot of success.   Tomorrow is expected to be a sunnier day, but still cold.

Dinner tonight pork chops and leftover veg.   Made a fruit in jelly yesterday, lots left so dessert all taken care of.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022


It is 3*C this morning sun trying desperately to shine and the roads are clear, so decided to take a walk through the subdivision.   The sidewalks are snow packed therefore did not use them, stayed on the streets, there is very little traffic, just local residents using them.  

Very little happening around here today, Hubby got  a positive report from his Dr's telephone call, an appointment made for next year at this time.  

All the machine binding is sewn on the quilt I am currently working on, all that  is needed now is to turn it to the back side and hand sew it down.  Just in time for our virtual show and tell next week.   One member of our group posted a "stash buster" pattern which I am thinking of doing, havens knows I have enough in my stash to complete it.   It is an easy pattern to do so it should make up fairly quickly.   If that is the case, my try to do two, one with a scrappy look and the other using the same colours throughout.  Don't have any idea who they would be for, maybe just make up several quilts during the year and get family members to choose one for their Christmas gift.  If that is the idea I am going with, better get my rear in gear as there are a lot of family members.   Better think this idea over again.

Took some turkey out of the freezer this morning, so need to decided what to do with it for our dinner tonight.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 The wind is not blowing, but we still have a few flakes of snow drifting down, it is also milder still below freezing but feeling warmer without the wind.  

I have a granddaughter living in Ottawa, Ontario, and chatting with her last night she said they had 50 cm of snow, which is approximately 19 1/2 inches and it is cold.

Grocery day, "yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today",  and lots of fruit shelves and some veg were void of anything too, not even a random leaf or berry.   There were a lot of apples because they are grown here in our area, tomatoes and cucumbers are also grown in greenhouses, so  a good variety of those on display.  However,  if the imported produce is going to be non existent, people including me, will be substituting local produce, so it is possible they may be as rare as hens teeth to buy in the future.  What imported produce we are getting are pricey, a head of lettuce we $3.50 and they were very small.   More cereal shelves were empty compared to last week too.  I fear it will get worse before it gets better, so I picked up a couple extra cans of  fruit.

Got more spring cleaning done, I am on a roll almost finished and will be inside the  time frame I had set for myself for the end of the week.  

Received an email this morning, our quilting meeting will be on Zoom due to the restrictions in place, hoping we will be able to meet in person for our Feb. meeting. 

Hubby has a phone appointment tomorrow with his bone Dr. he had his density scan done a couple of weeks ago, so they will be discussing the results of that.  On Saturday, we both get our booster shot.

My bank account took a kicking because of my hearing aids charge was on my Visa statement, which I paid today,  I did receive a cheque from my health care provider, however, it was not as much as I had expected, but something is better than nothing, and hearing better is worth the money, so not really complaining.

Dinner tonight, chicken, veg and leftover scalloped potatoes from last night, also made a strawberry mousse for yesterday and we still have two portions of that for dessert.  It does not sound as if it should be a diabetics meal for Hubby but,  I guarantee it is under the carbs he should consume. 

Monday, January 17, 2022


When we went to bed last night, the snow had just started  to fall, woke this morning to about six inches which was being blown around with high winds.  Blizzard conditions, as the morning progressed the snow stopped falling but we still have the winds blowing the snow into drifts.    Hubby did get out and cleared off the driveway, may need to do it later, time will tell.  The city snow plow has cleaned off the street but, left a pile at the entrance of the driveway.  

We decided not to visit my sister due to the weather forecast, it was a beautiful day, here but cannot rely on it being the same at her location.  Speaking with her this morning, she has twice as much snow as we have.   We are looking at going later this week, hoping the weather forecast is going to be better than today.   Hubby enjoyed his football game and I did some sewing.  

Continued with more kitchen Spring cleaning this morning, I need to get some drawer liners, even after giving them a good wash, they still look a bit worse for ware.  Tomorrow I will clean out the cupboards where we store the cans and the one with the packaged dry food.   When that is done the floor can then be taken care of.   

Salmon for dinner tonight, not sure what else at the moment.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Look Up

 As I look up at the beautiful blue sky this morning, it appears to be a beautiful Spring or Summer sky.  Lowering my eyes, there are bare trees and the grass is covered with white snow.  It is still  January.   So today, I am going to continue to look up.   It is cold again, down to -14*C last night and as I write "computer say's" -9*C.

That quotation reminds me of a TV show I watched several years ago.  It was a British show, and no holds were barred, how they were able #1. to put it on TV and #2 not kill themselves laughing making the show, I will never know.   Also, brings back to memory "Mrs. Brown's Boys"   I would have tears running down my face laughing at that show.   Even the actors on that show had to redo several scenes because they were laughing so much.

Slow Sunday, Hubby will be watching football game this afternoon, and I will be sewing.   We were planning on going to see my sister today, to give her a Christmas gift, but have decided to go another day due to the game.  What am I giving her?   I bought an amaryllis bulb in a kit which  includes the soil and pot,  due to one thing and another, I have yet to give it to her.   A couple of weeks ago it was looking very sad to say the least, so decided to pot it up.   It is growing and looking fine even has the makings of a flower.  Will deliver it in the coming week, if the weather holds.

So that is for me today, stay warm, or cool, above all stay safe.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

It's more than cold

 We are currently in a deep freeze, for our area anyway, went down to -17*C last night, and the high today is -10*C, but feeling much colder when the wind is factored in, so looking at -20*C or so.   That is not cold, it is %&$@ freezing.  The only consolation, the sun is shining and making it better to accept.

Gave Hubby an errand to do today, go to drug store and pick up two Rx, one for him and the other for me.  Then go to get some milk at the grocery store.   He was gone a long time, wondering what was keeping him, well I soon found out when he arrived home.   He was carrying a huge box.   Now, you must understand that when a product we usually buy is on sale we purchase several, we don't hoard but certainly take advantage of the sales.  We are both retired, certainly not wanting for anything but, like to save money when we can.  We do that for everything, groceries, paper products, cleaners etc. etc.  Today, the drug store must have had a sale on tissues and toilet paper.   Box full, did not see the Rx or the milk so wondered if he forgot, but they were under everything.   We are good for paper products for a month or so.  

He did note, the grocery store was almost empty, and didn't know how they are able to stay open if this is a growing trend for this store.   The store is located in a retirement complex, so I suspect it was just too cold for anyone to go out.

Started to Spring clean the kitchen today, have decided to do a bit every day, so have given myself the week to get everything done.  Learnt my lesson many times over by doing it all in one day, don't do that anymore.   Hubby will clean the windows when it is warmer, I don't do windows.  

Got a lot done on the quilt yesterday, will go in there when finished talking to you.

Dinner tonight a salad needs to be eaten, so will have that with  pizza with lot of veggies.    

Friday, January 14, 2022

Where did this week go

 Friday, already!!

Again, it was so dark this morning, we didn't wake until shortly after 7:00 a.m.  but that is OK, nothing on the agenda that is pressing today.

Hubby picked up the mail this morning and said we had some freezing something falling, a combination of rain and snow.  Lovely, slippery again.    With the mild temp we had yesterday the roads were clear of ice and packed snow, so easy walking, without the fear of falling.  

Mail? I swear the posties leave all of the junk mail, until they make their deliveries of Friday,  that is all we seem to get at the end of the week.   On January 11th I received a birthday card from my long time friend in England, my birthday is in November.  I sent an email thanking her for the beautiful words on the card and  received an email from her this morning and she mentioned the card was mailed on November 5th.  must have taken the slow boat as it took two months to get here.  Usually, I received mail from the UK faster that getting mail from just 200 hundred miles away.

I did get into the sewing studio yesterday afternoon, sandwiched the quilt, pinned it and started to quilt it.  I can't do fancy quilting on my sewing machine, so just do straight lines.  I like how it is looking so far.  It is difficult to manage as it is over five feet square, but slow and easy gets it done.  Photo, I promise when it is done.  This quilt is one our guild members made blocks for, myself and another member were paired up to put it together.  My partner works in the medical field, so I have decided to do it all myself, as I know she must be very busy.    

Did not feel quite myself yesterday with tummy complaints, better today.  

Dinner tonight, the stew I made a couple of days ago.  Not sure what else, if anything.

As I mentioned previously, not much going on today, so will get busy......doing nothing much.

Stiff, thank goodness not me.

 Again....a memory.   As I have mentioned before, when we came to Canada we had never experienced the bitter cold Winters in England. that w...