Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Well! it is now Summer folks and the weather is hot, hot, hot and humid.  On the weekend it was 8*C when we woke, down right chilly to say the least.  Now a few days later just the opposite.   The A/C is on so we are comfortable.   

Back in 1954 my parents, sister and I arrived in Canada in mid June.  In July sometime, I don't remember the date, we moved to a farm in the country.  The house I believe had not been lived in for a little while, so no updated renovations had taken place.  Not even electricity or running water were in the house when we moved in, however, the power was installed very quickly.  The water, however, was still in  the well and brought in by a pail.  

Now, you must remember we came from England,  back then as a child I don't remember hot days, so being here in Canada in the Summer was a new experience.   Our bodies were not use to the heat and humidity.  We would swim in the creek to cool off, however, due to the heat and sun with little rain, it did not take long for the creek to become a paddling pool.  A paddling pool with a swishy muddy bottom, the water warm and obviously not very refreshing.   

A/C back then was a screen in the windows, they  had a wooden frame with a wire screen that allowed air to come in and keep the bugs out.  The screen could be adjusted to fit any window by sliding the two parts either in or out to fit tight against the window frame.  They we not very big in height, I would think less than ten inches, not much air moves in that small space.   The screen door helped with the air circulation and keeping the bugs out.  It was a wooden door, and banged every time it closed as it slammed against the frame when the spring would contract.  You wore just enough clothes to cover the parts that needed to be covered, but you were still hot not just in "heat hot" but it sure made tempers hot too.   Sleep was normally not a restful one.  

You prayed for a storm with some rain to cool things down for a short period of time, eventually it came with a vengeance.   My Mother hated thunder and lightning, she never said why, however, I suspect to remaindered her of the bombs during WW1.  She hated them even more when all three of the houses she lived in, in Canada, were struck by lightning.   

So, as I sit in my air conditioned house, I think back on those days when the heat was almost unbearable with nowhere to go  to escape it, and be thankful I can be comfortable now.

Summer, also bring out nature's light show, and the fireflies were performing last night around the garden beds  and bushes in our back garden.   When my children were small they would catch them in a jar just to watch them up close and then set them free.

Well, I should get thinking about something to have for dinner.

So, stay cool or warm no matter where you are or what you are doing today.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Hold on to your hat

 It was so windy all day yesterday and into the night and again today, and down right cold compared to the 42*C temps we were having just a few short days ago.

Laundry, housework, sewing and watered the hanging baskets, they dry out so fast during the windy conditions we are having.  We did not sit out for our lunch today, even though where we sit was sheltered from the wind and on the south side of the house.  Even put long leggings back on , as the capri's did not keep my legs warm enough.  I know, complain, complain,  six months we will doing that again due to the really cold weather.

Hope my readers enjoyed my hay making memories,  I will have to have something else to uncover another memory and let you know a bit more about me.   

Tomorrow is Father's day here in Canada, and the city in which I use to live in has started again to have a car show, which were not held for the past two years.  We are planning on going with Hubby's old convertible, however, if it is as cool as it is today, I think we might just give it a pass.  Nothing for uncomfortable that sitting under a shade tree with the wind blowing, our old bones don't like it at all.

I took a new saddle of flowers to my Mum and Dad's grave a couple of weeks ago, as they are quite a long drive away from me,  I will not be going to visit again until later in the year.

Dinner tonight was mashed cauliflower, roast beef and brussel sprouts, with fruit in jelly for dessert.

Friday, June 17, 2022


 What a difference a day makes.

The heat and humidity yesterday was unbearable, even a brief shower did nothing but make the humidity even worse.  It hung in the air like a blanket, heavy and smothering.   Some areas received more rain and thunderstorms than us, but did not hear of any major damage done.  The air today is crisp and clear, a brisk breeze blowing in the kitchen window, so refreshing.   I am thankful for the A/C on days such as yesterday and days previous, but give me a nice natural breeze anytime.

I did some sewing yesterday, got a couple of quilt blocks taken care of for our potluck dinner meeting next week.  I put my name down for a salad so should get busy deciding what to take.   This will be our last meeting until September, so many people are on vacation during July and August, so not much sense having a meeting with very few being able to attend.   We might end up having a sewing day at least once during the Summer.   

We went for a ride in the convertible on Wednesday evening because it was so hot.   We usually go down roads that have little traffic, which of course, is in farming country.   With the top down you can smell all of the perfumes, some nice and others, well, there is no description for the smell of manure from  the cow barns and chicken farms.  We went past fields of freshly curing hay, I love the smell of hay in the evening, with just a touch of dew starting to gather on top of the neatly placed rows in the field.  It brings back memories of living on a farm for my first 16 years.   I remember being in the fields when loose hay was lifted with a fork onto a wagon with racks on the front and back to keep it all in place, and then being perched on top for the ride to the barn.   Then bales were introduced to farmers and my sister's and my job was to roll the bales (too heavy for us to lift) into groups of four or five as  they were dropped by the baling machine so it was easier for them to be picked up, with less stopping and starting at each bale.  It was a hot job, so we were dressed appropriately in shorts, however, when the day was done and it was bath time .....ouch, ouch.    The hay stalks were sharp and dry, so would scratch or lightly go into the skin, so when the warm water touched your legs and arms it stung.   Oh! the memories of the good old days.    We thought haying was painful but, the grain and straw, well that's another story for another day.

Tonight's dinner, salmon, mushrooms and a garden salad. Not sure what is for dessert, some kind of fruit sounds as if it might be good.

Have a great day.

Thursday, June 16, 2022


 We are currently living in an oven, or at least it feels like it, due to the heat and humidity we are having at the present time.  Yesterday the temp went up to 34*C in the shade and it felt more like the low 40's*C very uncomfortable.  We are thankful for the A/C on days like this.  As I am writing this we have just had a shower, if the sun comes out now, it will feel like steam bath.  Some serious weather is forecast as a cold front starts in flow into our area later today, keeping fingers crossed it is not too serious.

Needless to say not much work has been going on around here for the last few days, just the basics and no more.  

Hubby has the plans and all of the wood cut for the shed for his daughter, now she has decided it is too big for the area where she wants to put it.   Trying to make adjustments for what she now wants throws all of the angles off, so not sure what the next plan is.  

Over the past week or more we have been taking his sugar readings and finally it appears as if we might have them under control, however, as a result of that he is losing weight, which he does not need to do, so we are between a rock and a hard place, keeping the carbs to a level appropriate for the diabetes and weight loss.   He does have a Dr. appointment next week, so hope he can sort it out.

Here comes the sun!!

I am going to be in my sewing studio for the afternoon, have not done much in there for a few days, so in need of some sewing therapy.

Dinner tonight is a chicken stir fry, the recipe called for shrimp, but they were so expensive there are still in th store.   Dessert is a diet mousse, which I made yesterday, so an easy meal tonight.

Cheers, have a great day, if you are ill I hope you are feeling better soon, hot! stay cool, cold! stay warm.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022


It is going to be hot and humid for the next couple of days, a heat warning is in place in this area.   Not much is going to be done outside, I have lots of things to keep me busy, so no worries about something to do.

Took my car in for a repair on the front driver steering section, it has a name but, it means nothing to me.  I have complete confidence in the garage where I take it, so don't worry too much about the technical words and descriptions of mechanical things.  It should be completed this afternoon, and some more of those $'s will fly out of my purse.   The repair is a lot cheaper than buying another car, so will continue to do minor repairs like this until it becomes a major issue that would cost thousands.  Then a decision will have to be made.

 Groceries bought this morning,  a number of products we normally buy were on special today, so stocked up on those.   We did not buy any fruit this trip as last week we cut down on the fruit we were eating and we decided that was where some of the additional sugar for Hubby was coming from.  I find it difficult to prepare a balanced meal for him, as he definitely does not need to lose any weight, but needs to eat the proper things for his calcium and sugar.   The book I used for my late husband was for both overweight and diabetic individuals, so not really appropriate now.  Hubby has an appointment with the Dr. next week for a couple of issues so hopefully we can come up with a solution.

Almost lunch time, so should get moving.

Have a great day.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Quiet Sunday

Not much on the agenda today, although Hubby is currently outside pulling the weeds from underneath the hedge, then it is done for awhile until they grow back again.

I did a lot of odd jobs yesterday, laundry, cleaned out the humidifier for the Summer, done some gardening, went for a walk and read some of my library book.   Did not have to prepare dinner, as we were invited to a B-day dinner for his GD.

Dinner...... we were asked to arrive at 6:00 p.m.  we were going to eat under the gazebo.  Sound nice doesn't it.   Gazebo half up, half still in the box, so we sat in the open on lawn chairs, done it before so not an inconvenience.  Appetizer, spinach and ham  encased in a ring of crescent dinner rolls and baked, not bad at all.    6:30 p.m. it was decided the tables needed to cleaned,  washed with the garden hose.     Time to cook dinner for nine people, burgers on the BBQ.,  bottle of mustard, one small tomato sliced and a small red onion sliced.  Quite tasty, can't do much to spoil a burger.   One each     Do you want a drink,? options coke, root beer, ginger ale, I drink none of those, I opted for a glass of ice water with lemon, please.   Coffee mug of water delivered shortly.   B-day cake, I will have a small piece, please,  thank you, as I was given a dinner plate, where's the cake,  Oh! right, I asked for a small piece. 

It is now cooling down, no... getting cold,  as we had been forecast rain, clouds were gathering and the wind getting up.   Still we sat, B-day girl opened some gifts, its getting COLD, so time to call it a day.

I am thankful we were invited, don't get me wrong, it's just.....well not my way of  doing things.  I was taught to do things right or not do them at all.  Different strokes for different folks.

We did gat rain overnight, cloudy still with the occasional ray of sun getting through, so maybe we are not done with the rain.   Forecast is for a heat wave mid week.

Have a great day,

Friday, June 10, 2022

I can see clearly now

 Yep,  I can see out of the windows in our living room as they got the vinegar, water and cornstarch treatment to clean them.  I don't use commercial cleaners on my windows they always make it streaky.  This home made cleaner works well, I found it on the web, so a  good job done.  All the other windows in the house I can't reach, so a job for Hubby.  I use to be able to do the kitchen one by climbing on the counter and the sink,  can't do that anymore.  That window along with several others in the house open inwards, to clean them which is a blessing, as they are almost impossible to clean from the outside.  Plus the bug screen makes it even more difficult.

We had a big thunderstorm last night after dinner, with more rain and some high winds, today is nice and bright sunshine which has a bit of warmth in it.  My kind of day.

Not much on the agenda today, can't believe it is Friday again.   

Hubby is currently getting our lunch so will call it a day for now, maybe back later, might be a bit busy.   

Have a great day 



Well! it is now Summer folks and the weather is hot, hot, hot and humid.  On the weekend it was 8*C when we woke, down right chilly to say t...