Monday, January 24, 2022

Roast Beef still in the fridge.

As I mentioned previously, we both had our booster vaccination on Saturday, during the process we were given information regarding the jab and also any side effects that may be experienced.  There were seven side effects that were listed and  I had them all but one.   Did not do a thing yesterday, should have gone into my bed but, stayed on the sofa and watched some TV.  Hubby did not feel well either, so we were both couch potatoes for the day.  Pleased to say feeling a lot better today, so the roast beef will be in the oven later.

As a result of nothing happening yesterday, there is very little to tell today.  

We do have some light snow falling, and we could expect about 5 cm. and it is still cold.

Well, I am going to leave and get some of the things done that did not get done yesterday.


  1. It's interesting how different people have different reactions. I am glad you're feeling better today. Enjoy that roast beef!

  2. Sorry you had a tough day yesterday. At least it's over for a while although I hear there may be a fourth one at some point!

  3. Yeah.... whenever they tell me about side effects I always respond "I've had babies... you can't scare me!" *haha* I've had a broken back too. Side effects from a booster shot? Meh. ~Andrea xoxo

    1. I have had three babies, the last one was a C section after I had been in hospital bedridden for two and a half months. Also had a hysterotomy.
      A lot of people are ill and suffering and still suffering from ailments, diseases and many other illness that are far worse that the side effects of the booster.
      I was making comments on how I was feeling not asking for any sympathy.
      Personally I would like to see more people getting side effects from any of the covid vaccinations and that would make me very happy.....knowing they have made the decision to protect themselves and others. Some people will never make the commitment to the vaccine and that it is their decision and they have to live with the consequences, good or bad.



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