Sunday, November 28, 2021

Winter Wonderland

 Winter Wonderland this morning consists of three inches of snow which fell last evening and during the night.  Thankful there is no wind to blow it all around, it does look like a picture you see of snow coating branches of trees and on the hanging boughs of the pine and fir trees.  Ok! enough romancing of the pretty sight.

Did not post yesterday, why?  I was in another miserable mood,  nothing in particular just so tired of not being able, that is not true, I am able, just very hesitant about going out and doing all the things that we used to do.   Restaurants and the movie theatres are open.....but............  

This Christmas I NEED to see my family, however, we have two different families to accommodate so trying to decide what is a good solution that will please everyone is a bit difficult.   I have been thinking and have come up with two solutions, so will have to decide what to do.   Also need to contact my grandson and a granddaughter to enquire about  GG Children's sizes, needs/wants, so I can start my shopping for them.   They are the only presents I buy, my children and grandchildren have everything they need, and honestly, the things they may want are way out of my price range or I have no idea what a "portal for the earpods with fur lining and stereo sound thingy that connects to the web IOS, API and the OOP" is .   lol

Laundry was done, then prepped the veg for dinner and made a vanilla mousse for dessert.   Then did some sewing and did some things on the computer.     Housework was all caught up, so did not feel guilty about doing not much of anything yesterday.

Today is a slow day, we are going to have leftovers from our dinner last night.   My Mother would be preparing our typical Sunday dinner,  a roast of beef with roasted potatoes, yorkshire puddings, brussel sprouts, carrots and lots of gravy. An apple pie with custard for dessert.  That meal would be prepared for a midday lunch, for tea we could possibly have dripping on bread or maybe winkles, we ate them dipped in vinegar with salt and pepper with a slice of bread and butter.  

Sorry Mum, leftovers today.   

I will be going into my sewing studio to get some things done in there, I have three projects that I am working on at the present and I want to make some bowl cosies for some gifts, so should get myself moving.

Have a great day. 


  1. Yes, I also remember these Sunday lunch meals and they are a thing of the past for me too. I am making chili con carne tonight from yesterday's leftover bean casserole. Luckily I only have myself to please!

  2. Dripping on bread. My mum had a dripping jar and the jelly at the bottom was soooo yum. Dad grew up in Leigh on Sea in Essex and used to get cockles from the cockle sheds - like you, with bread and butter and vinegar. Memories! I need to see a picture of your snow.

  3. Have everyone send you links for the gifts they'd like. That's what mine do... so simple. Amazon is the best invention since sliced bread! *lol* Try gathering with the families separately rather than trying to get everyone together at one time. Or as I explained on a past blog, have an Open House. Tell everyone the day and the time your home will be "open" for visitors. On a Sunday afternoon from 1pm-6pm, for example. Have large pots of soup or stew warm, a variety of breads & butter, and of course Christmas cookies. They'll come at their leisure and all will be well. ~Andrea xoxo


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