Monday, December 06, 2021

Weather statement issued

 The statement  advised of very high winds during today and overnight.   Now, when these north/west winds blow in the Winter time they are cold winds, the temp goes down and a wind chill reading is calculated.   When we woke up this morning, the temp was a balmy 10*C, and it was calm, as the day wore on it went down and the wind started to blow. Now when I write at 6:30 p.m. it is 1*C feeling like -15*C.   When we wake up tomorrow the wind chill temp will be -17*C, the only consolation there is now snow.   That is my weather report for today.

I started my Christmas shopping today, got all the clothes I wanted for the great grandchildren, such cute  outfit in the stores these days.   Not when my kids were young, just the basic outfits back then.

I looked for some nice colouring books but the ones I saw were not very nice, the pages were covered with gross animals and faces, not something I would want my child to colour, so they are still in the store.  I will go to a couple of other places later in the week.   I like to shop in stores, so have not looked online for any.   Also bought a couple strings of small lights and a star for my Christmas tree.

Other than shopping I have done little else today, just the necessary tidying and cleaning the bathrooms.  

Dinner tonight was left over roast beef and gravy, brussel sprouts, sweet potato, jelly in fruit for dessert.

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  1. Colouring books can be so hit and miss. My weather report is rain, heat and humidity.
    I am having a run on salads of late. Anything and salad and I'm happy.


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