Sunday, May 22, 2022


 Steamy from yesterday did not last long, as a storm came through the area yesterday.  High winds which did a lot of damage in the city, we were very lucky as only a few small limbs from our trees came down.  Lightening, thunder, lots of rain , and loss of electricity.  It turned cold, quickly as the storm rolled though and is cold again this morning and cloudy.

A day when I am going to turn on the oven for a roast of beef and a peach upside down cake.  Even the smell of those things cooking will make it feel warmer.  The house is not cold, because the furnace is still on the heat setting, it's just a mental thing I suppose.

My sister has an appointment with the specialist on Tuesday, when chatting to my niece yesterday, she said B also hurt her head and her hands having dressings on them, so she really went down hard.   At 78 years old, that is not a good thing, it will take sometime for her to recover completely.  

Tomorrow is my son B 61st birthday, how did he ever get that old.  I wish he would lose some weight, he is getting quite a belly on him.  His father was a big man, which contributed greatly to health issues he had, so B should take a lesson from that.  

That's me for today,

Cheers, to all of my Canadian readers have a good Victoria Day.


  1. Yummy smells from an oven always make a house feel warm and cosy.

  2. There was a lot of damage around us, but we only lost power for 8 hrs. Apparently it is quite bad around my daughters cottage, though it was spared. Today was gorgeous!

  3. Glad the storm did not cause too much damage in your area. We have thunder storms here. I love storms, most people here are scared of the thunder and lightning but not me. I have yet to make a roast of beef cos it seems like a challenge, everything we do here is stir-fry!. Over here, pineaplle upside down cake is more common as fresh peaches are a rarity. I am sure it tasted delicious.



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