Friday, May 27, 2022

Got my ducks all in a row

 As you can see from my new header I have been busy wasting my time. enjoying Mother nature chasing a family of ducks.  Hubby noticed Mummy duck going into the wooded area opposite our house, so I grabbed my camera and we set off to see if we could see her come out on the opposite side.  Yep, there she was with eight little one running behind her,  We kept our distance but, followed her for quite a long time.  Finally she went into a field and we could not find her again.   Those poor little webbed feet are going to be very tired when they reach water as they had over a mile to find it.

As a result of following this family though the university grounds, lunch was very late,  I had to leave early for our quilting meeting as I was on the program committee, and we were not very hungry at 5:00 p.m. so just had a bowl of clam chowder and a piece of pie.  The dinner I had planned, will be on the table tonight.

We had a great meeting with a quilt shop bringing in some of their products and of course some money exchanged hands.  Everyone who bought something received a ticket for a prize.  I lost my ticket, how can a ticket become lost,  well it guess it was not hard for me.  So I was told, if no one claimed any of the three prizes they would assume it was my lost ticket.  I never win anything so was not too concerned, but,  I did win the last prize.  

Cloudy with showers today, so I am going to sew.

Have a great day.


  1. Such a sweet little family! I wonder where the drake was - they usually stick together. What was your prize, Pat?

    1. The drake has been at our bird feeder picking up stray seeds. I won a book with an easy way of making blocks, just have to follow the dotted line and cut on the solid line. That is just a brief description.

  2. Ducks, a prize and sewing. A perfect post. Clam chowder sounds like something you'd get in a fancy restaurant.

    1. It came out of a can, it is very tasty with a lot of clams in it.



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