Saturday, June 25, 2022


Summer and it will feel like it today, hot and humid, we need a good rain, everything is so dry.  Our newspaper reports the monthly average precipitation for the current month and the actual for the month of June, we have not had even half of the average and only a few days left in the month.   The ground is as hard as cement, grass is turning brown and the garden is so dry I have given up on even doing anything about the weeds.  The established perennial plants seem to be doing OK without any intervention of hose pipe water.   Having just mentioned no rain, we are expected to have thunderstorms tomorrow, we shall wait and see.

Thursday night I attended my quilting guild annual pot luck dinner meeting, this was the last meeting until we resume in September.   I had a lovely time.   This year the host, she has a beautiful garden and lawns, so some of us, including me played Bocce (sp?) and corn bag toss, not sure what the proper name of it, however, the object of the game is to toss three bags full of corn or beans into holes of wood several feet away, getting points depending on which hole your bag went into.   I expected to be stiff and sore yesterday, but no, so must be more limber than I thought.  

The pot luck dinner was so good, appetizers, salads of several kinds, BBQ chicken breasts,  different kinds of breads and rolls, two rhubarb desserts, I love rhubarb, so I had to sample both.   Juices, tea and coffee, finished a delicious meal.   

We had a short meeting after dinner and some visiting, a nice evening as the weather and the bugs co-operated.  

My GD "K" needed to get her passport for a trip to a conference on July 7th, long lines and I mean LONG lines of people are waiting for hours, sometimes days to get a passport, so I was worried she would not get hers in time for travelling.  She was able to get an appointment on Thursday, waited 2 hours and she can pick up her passport next week.   

Hubby is now sticking to his diabetic diet, however, in my opinion he is loosing too much weight too fast.  He was not overweight to begin with so now, looking a bit too thin.   I am eating the same things as he does, so I am losing a bit of extra poundage too, however, I can afford to shed a bit of fat.

Laundry currently swishing around in the washer, some housework is on the agenda for today, then this afternoon I am in my sewing studio for a few hours. 

Dinner tonight pork chop, veg and salad, dessert jelly with fruit or maybe a chocolate mousse.


  1. Your dinners always sound so good! Not so good hubby is losing too much weight - maybe a rethink needed or another trip to the nutritionist.

  2. Your pot luck dinner evening sounds lovely. You certainly cram a lot into your summers considering how cold winters are. I agree with Chris, hubby could possibly benefit from some more advice. I'm thinking rice or potatoes that have been cooked, let go cold and then reheated (or eaten cold). It changes the starch into resistant starch that has less effect on blood sugar levels but might put a bit of weight on him. Dr Michael Mosely has written a lot about diabetes.

  3. We have no shortage of rain in E.Ontario!


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