Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Well! it is now Summer folks and the weather is hot, hot, hot and humid.  On the weekend it was 8*C when we woke, down right chilly to say the least.  Now a few days later just the opposite.   The A/C is on so we are comfortable.   

Back in 1954 my parents, sister and I arrived in Canada in mid June.  In July sometime, I don't remember the date, we moved to a farm in the country.  The house I believe had not been lived in for a little while, so no updated renovations had taken place.  Not even electricity or running water were in the house when we moved in, however, the power was installed very quickly.  The water, however, was still in  the well and brought in by a pail.  

Now, you must remember we came from England,  back then as a child I don't remember hot days, so being here in Canada in the Summer was a new experience.   Our bodies were not use to the heat and humidity.  We would swim in the creek to cool off, however, due to the heat and sun with little rain, it did not take long for the creek to become a paddling pool.  A paddling pool with a swishy muddy bottom, the water warm and obviously not very refreshing.   

A/C back then was a screen in the windows, they  had a wooden frame with a wire screen that allowed air to come in and keep the bugs out.  The screen could be adjusted to fit any window by sliding the two parts either in or out to fit tight against the window frame.  They we not very big in height, I would think less than ten inches, not much air moves in that small space.   The screen door helped with the air circulation and keeping the bugs out.  It was a wooden door, and banged every time it closed as it slammed against the frame when the spring would contract.  You wore just enough clothes to cover the parts that needed to be covered, but you were still hot not just in "heat hot" but it sure made tempers hot too.   Sleep was normally not a restful one.  

You prayed for a storm with some rain to cool things down for a short period of time, eventually it came with a vengeance.   My Mother hated thunder and lightning, she never said why, however, I suspect to remaindered her of the bombs during WW1.  She hated them even more when all three of the houses she lived in, in Canada, were struck by lightning.   

So, as I sit in my air conditioned house, I think back on those days when the heat was almost unbearable with nowhere to go  to escape it, and be thankful I can be comfortable now.

Summer, also bring out nature's light show, and the fireflies were performing last night around the garden beds  and bushes in our back garden.   When my children were small they would catch them in a jar just to watch them up close and then set them free.

Well, I should get thinking about something to have for dinner.

So, stay cool or warm no matter where you are or what you are doing today.


  1. Your writing invokes that heat and humidity. I can almost smell the muddy puddle of the creek. How unfortunate for your mother getting hit 3 times in 3 different houses! I have never seen fireflies. They always sound so magical. Enjoy your aircon!

  2. I remember the steamy summers of my childhood too! We had an amazing lightening show tonight and the front meadow is full of fireflies, or as we called them, lightening bugs.

  3. Although we always had somewhere with electricity and running water when we came here, my first house with A/C didn't happen until 1985 so I appreciate it all the more now. Yes, I remember that slamming screen door - you always knew when someone arrived home!


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