Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Out of town

After a lovely weekend of a birthday party and a Mother's day tea, I am still on the move.

After being advised on Saturday, my new ride would be ready for pick up on May 15th.  A trip to the big city with son and DIL late on Sunday, now just waiting for tomorrow.

My old car has seen better days, it runs well for it's age, however, now I drive on my own, I wanted a vehicle I could rely on to get me there and back again.  So, a new car was ordered and then had to wait a considerable long time for it to be made and shipped to the dealership.

Not having purchased a car for a good many years, and being an old woman did not want to be taken advantage of.  Not saying I would be but, it did happened to me during a repair job on my car years ago.  My son has helped with this purchase, so feeling a lot better about the whole process.

We had a brief thunder storm and rain last evening, and it is dull grey today with rain threatening for most of the day according to the weather forecast, only consolation it is not cold.

Hoping it clears up somewhat for my trip home tomorrow.  Not a fan of driving on the very busy road I need to go on, plus there is a lot of construction on it too.   It is now construction season in Ontario.

Have a great day.




  1. Oh, that lovely "new car" smell! Hope you made it home safely, Pat. Highway driving can be rather scary.

  2. How exciting. Can't wait to see your new wheels.

  3. How lovely, you sound like you are enjoying yourself, and great that you are getting a new car. Very wise to involve your son in the purchase. We have had rainy days and on the chillier side lately. Looking forward to some sunny weather. I don’t like driving on busy roads either and there is construction all over the place here. They are adding extra lanes to the freeways. Have a great weekend and an enjoyable trip home in your new car.


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