Saturday, June 08, 2024

Counting and bags

Finally, we have blue sky, but it is definitely cooler.  I will take it as I got a bit tired of grey skies, rain and wind.  Grey days are not my friend, I do not have much energy during those days.  Love to get outside but, I am not walking or even sitting outside when its so wet.   Oh! I  am starting to sound like an old woman. never mind I will get done what did not get taken care of during the past few days.

So, what needs to get done, just those little chores around the house that never seem to need to be taken care of, that will keep me busy for a little while.  Some fabric needs to be taken to a fellow guild member and a quick trip to pick up some milk.  

Counting?    Counting the days to going on vacation next week. 

I am sure Canada is just like many other countries in the world today, they are reducing the number of "one time use" plastic bags.  Which is long over due in my opinion.  When recycled bags were introduced, every store encouraged people to buy them for a small fee.  Very few people had used bags or even baskets when going to a store, so it was a big learning curve to take the bags you already had at home with you.  At the check out,  you realize no plastic bags, so people, me included had to buy bags to get groceries or what ever was purchased home.   After forgetting several times, bags piled up at home until finally we got into the habit of taking them with us.  Every store now gives recycled bags which advertise the store or product, adding to the pile in the closet.  There are so many recycled bags out there now, what do we do with them all.   As we are not sure what they are made of, what recycle container do we put them in, plastic, paper, fabric or just throw them in garbage.  I have given some to charity shops for their customers to use, however, that did little to reduce my pile.   What do you do with the excess recycle bags?

Now that I am on the recycling subject, there is another thing that upsets me.  I don't know if it is still done or not, however, some time ago, if you used the plastic milk bags, you were encouraged to donate the outer bag which contains the three 1 litre bags of milk.  Organizations would take these bags cut them up into strips and either knit or crochet them into mats.  These mats were then shipped to poor countries where there were a large number of people who had the bare minimum of possessions and they were  placed on the ground to be used as a bed.    This was and possibly still is a wonderful way to help these people.   However, even though it reduced the plastic going into our landfills and helped people less fortunate than us, it contributed greatly to the waste in the countries where the beds were shipped.  As I mentioned most of these countries were poor and I am sure had no recycling programs so what happened to these beds when they were no longer used.  Tossed on the ground, thrown in water ways that led to the ocean?  Your opinion on this subject.

Well those blue skies are calling and I need that milk.

Have a great day,


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